Love Always Wins

My father in law, Michael, was an incredibly sweet and gentle man. He wore his heart on his sleeve and would do most anything for most anyone. He was a soft spoken and proper Englishman (most of the time!) and without having a lot himself, was one of the most generous people I have ever known. When Michael was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s he moved through the disease with dignity and grace for over 10 years, never losing his gentle and sweet nature. This print is to honour the lovely man he was. 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this print will be donated to Health &a Home Care Society of BC and their many wonderful programs. The cost to you is only $5.50 and you can print and gift as many times as you like.


Meals on Wheels is just one program and Michael was a driver and volunteer in Mississauga, Ontario. I love this program because for many the volunteers are the only human contact they may have for days, nutritious meals aside. Another program is their day drop in and overnight stay respite centre for people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia to give their caregivers a much needed break. Michael lived in a full care facility but my angel of a sister in law (the kind of 😇 you get to see with your own eyes) was there for him every single day and you cannot place value on that kind of love.


*I am not working in affiliation with Home and Health Care Society of BC, they are aware of this print sale and are happy to accept donation but I wanted to be clear that in no way do I represent them or speak on their behalf. ||#coleysimsink

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